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Client Bill of Rights

Attorneys are licensed professionals whose conduct is governed by various Codes of Professional Conduct that require lawyers to maintain high professional standards. It is under these standards that the Law Offices of Anne Dufour Zuckerman PA and Attorney Anne Dufour Zuckerman operate and ensure that her clients always be entitled to certain rights: 

You are entitled to competent representation by your attorney.

Courteous and Respectful Treatment
You are entitled to courteous and respectful treatment by your attorney and all personnel in your attorney's office.

Regular Updates and Prompt Attention
You are entitled to regular updates on the status of your legal matter. Your attorney should promptly respond to your questions and phone calls.

Clear and Understandable Explanation of Options
You are entitled to clear and understandable explanations with regard to your legal options as well as clear and
understandable answers to your questions. 


You are entitled to complete confidentiality of any matter.

Free from Conflicts of Interest

You should always feel confident that you can trust your attorney and that you have your attorney’s loyalty.

Full Fee Disclosure

You are entitled to the full disclosure of your attorney's fees and the manner of billing.